About Us

BushellMedia is a Digital Media Arts Education  & Video Production service agency that has been in the Multi-Media Arts Industry for over 20 years. We have built a solid reputation that our community can depend upon, in preserving this long-standing tradition, integrity stands as the foundation for all of our endeavors. We are a honest and forthright business, built upon credibility and mutual respect; Our code is intended to reinforce the principle that each and every one of us has a responsibility to help ensure that, as a company, Bushell Media operates legally and ethically in it's organizational conduct.

Our services include placing highly trained, professional program facilitators, Instructors, coaches, and paraprofessionals to successfully administer the Digital Media Arts & Video Production Educational program in K-12 SchoolsSummer CampsTechnical and Vocational Schools. In addition, we provide Multi-Media Marketing for businesses, of varying budgets. We help our clients connect to their audiences with  videography, web, and graphic design services. Also providing consultation and production workflow services for our clients as well.